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spinning top

Several people sent me some wonderful comments about my Menorah Card (Thank you!!!) so I’ve been motivated to design a few more Chanukah cards and files for you. Here they are:

I found that this was a great way to make use of tiny scraps of card stock. The file contains the panel with dreidel cutout on one side of the mat and the embellishments on the other.  I put all four Hebrew letters in the file and you can choose how many to use.  HERE is the svg file.

Once I got the dreidel cutout part done, I thought I’d do a variation with four of them on one card. This design was inspired by the work of artist Andy Warhol.

The file contains the embellishment panels for each dreidel and all four Hebrew letters. I decided that I’d rather not use the tiny letters and just let the minimalist shapes speak for themselves.

HERE is the file if you’d like it.

If you’d rather just make the cards without the tiny embellishments, HERE is a file with two of the card panels but no embellishments.


Single Dreidel card: DCWV Shimmer Stack (blue mat with cutout), Best Occasions Prismatic Paper Pack (gold mat), American Crafts Specialty Foil Card Stock (Silver mat, Silver letter cutout), AC Foil (tiny black embellishments)

Four Dreidel card: American Crafts foil card stock (black mat), Recollections glitter card (Marine Blue mat), American Crafts foil card stock (silver mat), Best Occasions Mettallic paper (hot pink embellishments)

Anybody up for a game of Dreidel?

hoppin’ down the bunny trail: easter tags

My friends on two of the craft forums I belong to requested that I design Easter gift tags.  Here they are.

Celebrate with these tags!

I hope you like them.  You can embellish the tags in the first two rows with stickers, eyelets, gromlets, or jewels.  You could use a small stamp in the middle of them.  You could even make a small three dimensional flower and put it in the middle of them.

If you send me photos of what you do with them, it will make my day.  In any case, please leave me a comment.

Here’s a PDF file of all twelve tags:

Easter Word Art Tags

Which one is my favorite?  I really can’t decide.  As long as the tag is on a box of Peeps, I’ll take any of them.  Have you seen the new chocolate covered Peeps?  Irresistible.

in honor of Paulo and by request: birthday tags (WordArt)

One of the readers of this blog asked for some birthday tags after she saw the Valentine tags I had done.  This turned into a fascinating research project while I searched for appropriate graphics to place inside each circle.  Today I found out it’s Paulo’s birthday, so that motivated me to complete my designs.

Here are 15 tags for you to print out and use for birthday cards or presents.  I used many different colors and styles, in hopes that one or more of them will strike your fancy. If you’d like to embellish them, I suggest going over a few of the lines with glitter pens or Stickles.  Each of the tags can be cut out with a 2-inch circle punch, and you can mount them on slightly larger circles if you wish.

Download the tags by clicking on the link below.

Birthday wordart circles for 2 in punch

I hope you enjoy them.  Please let me know.

Feliz aniversário, dear Paulo.  You are a gifted healer, a brilliant designer and a kind and generous friend to many of us.

for the DS fans out there – my cube candy box

Many people responded to my last post and asked me to do a Design Studio version of my cube box with the heart tabs.  Last night, I redid the original design in Design Studio.  Once I design something in one program, it is pretty easy to make it work in the other, as long as I can find the same shapes.  I used the GBS cartridge since it has everything I needed.  If you don’t have this cartridge and work with shapes a lot, I highly recommend it.

One of the best things about Design Studio is the ability to line up the different parts of your design.  Someone told me that SCAL 2 has that.  That would definitely make me get that version of the software now.  If you want to cut out different colored hearts to put on top of the heart tabs, you will find four of those on the second page of the DS file.  Multiple pages within a file is another thing I heard is an added feature of SCAL 2.  (Got to get that order placed soon.)

Who says you can't give a man a rose?

I did a test cut and used some card stock that might be appropriate for a male gift.  The paper is from the S^E^I Bridgeport Collection.  The pewter color with the silver geometric design makes it look very masculine.  I used one of the WortArt tags I designed for Valentine’s Day on the front, along with some 1 1/4″ wide silver ribbon I’ve had for years.  I attached the tag with small Pop Dots to give the box some added dimension.  If you’d like the tags, please scroll down further in my blog and the file is there for you to download.

If you look at my February 1 post, you’ll see the scoring diagram for this box.  It’s the same as the SCAL 1 version.

Here is the link to this box.  Please help yourself.

If you decide to use this, I’d love to see what you do with it!  Please leave me a comment so I know what you thought of the box.

I love Valentine’s Day, don’t you?

valentines in SCAL

I love it when a box design is easy to duplicate in the other design software.  In this case the hardest part was trying to find just the right card stock to make it in.  I finally settled on silver foil because it provided just the right elegance for this design.  Here it is:

my Valentine box designed in SCAL

my Valentine box designed in SCAL

Just like the Design Studio version of this box, it has a 4.25″ square base and is 1″ in height.  You can’t really see it in the picture, but I used patterned vellum to line the top.  Here is a quick closeup photo of the top liner.Valentine box itop linerI’d love to find more of this type of paper.  It adds a cool decorative element to the box without a lot of effort.


  • One 12″ x 12″ sheet of card stock (Best Occasions Metallic Paper Pack from Walmart – I love this stuff.)
  • Tape or other adhesive of your choice to adhere the flaps to the sides of the box (four 2″ strips)  and the liners (four 4″ strips for each liner) As usual, I used Scor-Tape.
  • Paper to line the top of the box (Mine came in a Best Occasions Mixed Media Pack.)
  • Paper to line the bottom of the box (optional)

NOTE: I did not have room to put the liners in the file for this box.  If you use SCAL, you can easily cut a 4.25″ square for these.  Just use the square shape and set the size.

Here is the SCAL 1 file for this box. Please help yourself.

Now that I’ve finished both versions of this box, I need to concentrate on making something to fill it.  Preferably chocolate.

be my valentine (Design Studio)

My new friend Lena from the Cricut forum recently asked me to design a very special box for her using Design Studio.  She needed a custom box for a Brazilian wedding cookie to be given out as a favor to each guest at a good friend’s upcoming wedding reception.  She volunteered to cut and assemble all 200 boxes – wow.

This challenge intrigued me because I sang in Brazil a few years ago (as part of a ten-day South American concert tour) and fell in love with the country.

This particular design presented a challenge because of the size of the cookie and the desire for a one-piece box.  We started with a heart cutout on the top, and she later decided to change that to another shape to match the other decorations.  Here is my original design:

Wedding Cookie boxes AThe box has a 4.25″ square base and is 1″ in height.  I designed it using only the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge.  I just managed to fit the design on a 12″ by 12″ sheet of card stock.  Don’t worry – I left the proper margins so it cuts with no issues.


  • Pink Box: Wausau Classics Cardstock Sparkling Trio Collection (in Astrobrights Re-Entry Red with Pearlescent finish on one side.)
  • Green Box: Wausau Creative Collection Royal Metallics Cardstock (in Empress Emerald/Black Knight)

Both papers are double-sided and have a coordinating color with matte finish on the inside.

  • Vellum to line the top of the box (one square piece that is included in the design template on a separate page)
  • Patterned paper to line the bottom of the box (optional but a nice idea, I think)
  • Tape or other adhesive of your choice to adhere the liners to the box and seal the tabs to the sides of the box.  (I used my favorite Scor-Tape.)


Like all my boxes, the score lines should be obvious (but please let me know if they are not.)  Just score horizontally in the space between the tabs and flaps and vertically down the length of the box, on each side of the front flap.  There are four horizontal score lines and two vertical score lines.  (I LOVE my Scor-Pal and would be lost without it.)  Tuck the front flap in to hold the box closed.

I don’t usually embellish my boxes but this one might become an exception.  I’m thinking of adding some bling (tiny rhinestones?) and tying the box up with silver cord.  If I do this, I’ll add another photo so you can see the possibilities.  What do YOU think would make it complete?

You can download the DS cutfile here:

When I get the chance, I’ll duplicate this design in SCAL 1.  Let me know if you would like this done.

Mmmmmmmm..cookies.  I knew I bought that new Kitchen Aid mixer for a good reason.

more brownies (SCAL)

OK, I give in.  I’ve designed the brownie box in SCAL.

Actually it wasn’t hard at all, since I have the same design elements in SCAL as the ones I used in DS for this box.  I did a test cut and it worked, so here you are.


Here is photo to give you an idea of how it might look in another card stock with some yummy yellow ribbon.  I used some paper from the Pretty Poppies Pad by Autumn Leaves.

Please let me know how you like it!Brownie Box SCAL B

brownies…mmmmmmm (Design Studio)

One of the many creative people on the Cricut Message Board wrote and asked me to design a brownie box.  She sent me the URL of a website where I could see what she and a few of her friends wanted me to do.  So here is my version of this box, with a few alterations.

Brownie box AI designed the box to hold a 3″ square brownie that is up to 1  1/4″ in height.  This will give you some room in case you like extra thick brownies or decide to add icing (yes, please.)

The Design Studio cut file uses only George and Basic Shapes.  If you don’t own that cartridge, I suggest you invest in it.  The cart has so many shapes that are essential to any type of designing, and all in one place.

In my opinion, the best thing about this design is that you don’t really need any tape to fasten the sides.  Here is a photo of tBrownie box Che eight score lines, in case they are not obvious.

After scoring, you can put together the box as follows:

Fold in the tabs toward the center, fold over the top and bottom flaps, then fold over the side flaps – and you’re done, except for filling the box and putting a ribbon around it or sealing it with a single sticker on the top.


One 12″ by 12″ sheet of double sided card stock from the Martha Stewart Create Paper Pad, available at Walmart.

Tape (optional)

Closure (ribbon, sticker, seal, or even a tiny strip of Velcro)

I hope you like this, and feel free to use it for anything that will fit in the space.

Here is the DS cut file:

Would anyone like this done in SCAL?

Guess I’d better go buy some brownie mix.

Cheesecake, anyone?

One of the members of the Cricut forum asked me to design a special box to hold small cheesecakes she will be making for an upcoming birthday party.  Of course, I couldn’t resist the challenge and got to work last night on Design Studio.  I think it turned out very well.

The box bottom has a 5″ square base and is 2 1/2″ high.  The top is 2″ high so it’s easy to remove.   The box requires two 12″ by 12″ sheets of card stock and the Cricut Expression.  I cut the top out of designer paper (from the SEI Bridgeport paper pad.)   I cut the bottom out of plain white card stock.  The design is all in Plantin Schoolbook.

I used Scor-Tape to hold the box together.  I just started using this tape and am really impressed with the strength of it (and the price!)

I put little cutouts in the edges of the box top so it would be easy to lift off.  I designed the top to be a snug fit.  The cut file contains extra pages for pieces to line the top and bottom of the box.  I lined the top with acetate, but you could use vellum or a solid piece of paper you like the look of.

Here is a photo that shows both pieces of the box.

Cheesecake box B

Please let me know if you like my cheesecake box. I love when you leave me comments because I know you’ve been here and left with one of my little gifts for my friends.

If you would like to use this pattern, please help yourself to the Design Studio file.

(Is anyone out there willing to make me some cheesecake?  I think I’m hungry.)

Cheesecake box A