my first blog award – i’m (almost) speechless

It’s been a LONG spring already filled with way too many concerts to produce and sing.  I got lost for awhile.  I’m going to try my best to catch up on my blog postings in the next week.

First of all, a word of sincere thanks.  One of the talented designers in my craft forum has passed an award to me. Here it is.

I'm honored - thank you, Paulo!

This is my very first blog award.  I believe that the rules ask me to tell about the things that make me happy.  So, here they are (in no specific order):

1.   Singing

2.   Conducting a great choir

3.   Sleeping until I wake up naturally

4.   Making other people happy

5.   Spending time with people I care about

6.   Producing concerts and watching the curtain go up after all the work it took to get there

7.   Hearing applause and knowing that I had a part in that

8.   Giving unexpected gifts and seeing that look of pleasure on the person’s face

9.   Finding hidden talents and helping other people to develop them


Here are a few people whose work I admire and would like to pass this award on to:

Heather of Heather in Florida

Julie of Stamps and Taxes

CeeCee of CeeCee’s Creations

Melinda of All Things Crafty and Delicious

Wanda of Wanda’s Cards and Crafts

These are just a few of the incredibly talented people I have met online since I joined the creative forums.  Please go to their blogs and see their work!

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