be my valentine (Design Studio)

My new friend Lena from the Cricut forum recently asked me to design a very special box for her using Design Studio.  She needed a custom box for a Brazilian wedding cookie to be given out as a favor to each guest at a good friend’s upcoming wedding reception.  She volunteered to cut and assemble all 200 boxes – wow.

This challenge intrigued me because I sang in Brazil a few years ago (as part of a ten-day South American concert tour) and fell in love with the country.

This particular design presented a challenge because of the size of the cookie and the desire for a one-piece box.  We started with a heart cutout on the top, and she later decided to change that to another shape to match the other decorations.  Here is my original design:

Wedding Cookie boxes AThe box has a 4.25″ square base and is 1″ in height.  I designed it using only the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge.  I just managed to fit the design on a 12″ by 12″ sheet of card stock.  Don’t worry – I left the proper margins so it cuts with no issues.


  • Pink Box: Wausau Classics Cardstock Sparkling Trio Collection (in Astrobrights Re-Entry Red with Pearlescent finish on one side.)
  • Green Box: Wausau Creative Collection Royal Metallics Cardstock (in Empress Emerald/Black Knight)

Both papers are double-sided and have a coordinating color with matte finish on the inside.

  • Vellum to line the top of the box (one square piece that is included in the design template on a separate page)
  • Patterned paper to line the bottom of the box (optional but a nice idea, I think)
  • Tape or other adhesive of your choice to adhere the liners to the box and seal the tabs to the sides of the box.  (I used my favorite Scor-Tape.)


Like all my boxes, the score lines should be obvious (but please let me know if they are not.)  Just score horizontally in the space between the tabs and flaps and vertically down the length of the box, on each side of the front flap.  There are four horizontal score lines and two vertical score lines.  (I LOVE my Scor-Pal and would be lost without it.)  Tuck the front flap in to hold the box closed.

I don’t usually embellish my boxes but this one might become an exception.  I’m thinking of adding some bling (tiny rhinestones?) and tying the box up with silver cord.  If I do this, I’ll add another photo so you can see the possibilities.  What do YOU think would make it complete?

You can download the DS cutfile here:

When I get the chance, I’ll duplicate this design in SCAL 1.  Let me know if you would like this done.

Mmmmmmmm..cookies.  I knew I bought that new Kitchen Aid mixer for a good reason.

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  1. Very cute!! I really like that.. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I would love it in SCAL format

  3. Great box. I love it. I would like to have the SCAL file too.

    Carol P

  4. lovely! I would love to have the SCAL please!

  5. Ann, I would love to have the SCAL file for this great box. I love the heart design and it would be so perfect for so many occassions…birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas…anytime you want to send a treat and some love.

    I think it would be so pretty with ribbon to match the paper used or the pretty cords that you can buy at Christmas and they come in so many different colors. It could be decorated with flowers, birds, butterflies cut with our Cricuts, glitter, stickers, or even stamps. So many ideas on how to use it as it’s so versatile.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you treat us with the SCAL file, but we won’t expect you to add the cookie. LOL

    Big Hugs!

  6. Hi Ann,
    I’d love to have this hearty box as a scut or svg cutting file.
    Congratulations! Besides a talented paper artist you sing professionally also. Wow …that’s amazing.
    Glad to hear that you loved visiting Brazil. Hope you come back here soon

  7. What a cute box. Can’t you just see this box filled with the little heart candies to share with friends?

    Carol P

  8. I love your boxes. I would love to have them in svg if possible. I can’t use cut or scal files but svg files work great! Thanks!

  9. PJ (Jessie Adams)

    I think you should add some rhinestone flourishes to the corners.

  10. your creations leave me dumbfounded how you ever were able to visualize it. wishing i had paid more attention in math class now. thank you so much for sharing. you are my new hero. i don’t use scal as i am computer challenged as it is. guess my age is showing.

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