teardrop boxes, by request (Design Studio files)

I love these boxes because they take no tape or glue to hold them together (unless you choose to reinforce the bottom with the extra panel I include in each cut file.)  They also have graceful lines, due to the teardrop shaped flaps.  They are my version of a Martha Stewart box that I saw on her website, only I would not like to have to cut these out by hand.  I posted one of these files earlier, but here are both in the same place so you can choose which size you want to use.  The smaller box has a 2 1/2″ square base, and the larger one has a 3″ square base.  You will see where to score them by the position of the flaps.  At the top of each box are small tabs that you need to bend back so they will go through the slots in the opposite flaps.  This is a cool feature, because you don’t need any ribbon to finish it off, either.  I’ve seen several versions of this box on the Net but wanted to make a DS file.  This design uses both the Plantin Schoolbook and Tags, Bags, Boxes and More carts, and the pattern requires an Expression to cut.

Teardrop Boxes A

Tips to putting these together:

1.  I highly recommend using the extra panel to reinforce the bottom.  It will insure that the bottom is sturdy, especially if the contents weighs more than the box (a distinct possibility.)

2.  If you make these boxes with paper that has a design on only one side, let the design side show on the inner panel, as in the second photo below.  You can see the difference that just 1/2″ on each side of the base makes in the third photo.

Teardrop Box BSupplies I used:Teardrop Boxes C

Each box takes one 12″ by 12″ sheet of cardstock.

SMALL BOX: Best Occasions Mettallic Paper Pack (Copper) from Walmart

LARGE BOX: Wausau Classics Cardstock, Pearlescent Finish (Gamma Green) available at Target and Michaels

Tape or glue (for optional bottom reinforcement panel)

What would I put in each box?  I think the small one would be perfect for a few small cookies or a brownie.  As for the large one, it just cries out to me for a huge Rice Krispy square.  Here’s a different idea: put your husband’s new cuff-links in the box they came in, inside this box.  Thus the box serves as the “gift wrap.”

Here are links to the files:





Please let me know how you like these…and what you fill them with!

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  1. Anne, your boxes are great girl!!! Fantastic job…also,I HOPE you get to go to your graduation…they are SO much fun!!!!!!

  2. You are so talented! Thank you for sharing these great creations!

  3. Love all your boxes…thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. PJ (Jessie Adams)

    So glad I saw this box again, especially since you made the two sizes.
    I want to give some jewelry gifts this holiday and these will be perfect. Love the foil!

    Thanks for sharing all of your great designs.

  5. Your boxes are fabulous! Thanks SO much for sharing your goodies with us 🙂

  6. I LOVE these boxes!!!!! Love them even more because they require no adhesive! Thank you so much for sharing your cut files!!!

  7. Wow these are great!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

  8. Thanks for sharing your .cut and also .scut files.

  9. Annie

    Thanks so much for this file – the boxes are great! Am going to fill them with “anti-stress stuff and poem etc” for our Christmas Market at the church in Scotland!


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