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I tried to open my SCAL software today and it told me I had to activate it.  After putting in my serial number and trying to activate, it wouldn’t budge.  I clicked “Activate Manually,” went to the website and put in the serial number and location code – no luck. It told me that my serial number was no good.   I did everything it told me to on the website, including sending all my information to their email support address.  I checked each number I put in for accuracy.

The software actually came up later, and when I tried to cut, it told me that my trial version had expired.  Since I paid Craft Edge for this software several months ago, I was understandably confused by this.

In the meantime, I am frustrated at the lack of opportunity to use the SCAL software I paid for.  Since I have an Intel Mac, the only option I have at present is to use my Design Studio software on the Windows side of my computer.  Mac owners will tell you that Design Studio does not really like running on a pseudo-Windows platform, so I have had to reinstall the software several times.  This is not exactly the way to instill confidence in customers, and I’m sure many of you have been in the same position.  Early in my term of ownership for my DS software, I had to sit on the phone to Provocraft for 40 minutes until someone finally answered the phone.  I’m told that has gotten better, and I hope that is true.  Who has that kind of time to sit on hold?

Enough ranting.  Stay tuned for the next episode.  In the meantime, I’ll do crafts the old fashioned way, with my trusty Fiskars.  By the way, I am now a Fiskateer (#6496 if anyone is interested.)

LATER NOTE:  Craft Edge got back to me by email within hours, and solved my problem.  It was my fault, but they were so helpful and prompt – I’m really impressed.

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  1. what great boxes thanks so much for sharing your work for free

  2. love your boxes and thanks..
    also the same thing happened to me on scal the same day..It was working on my laptop but not my desktop….It said the registration number was wrong….
    I emailed edgecraft and they told me to update it(which I had already done before)…
    well I updated again and it worked ..weird

  3. I have the same problem that my SCAL does not start after registration. Could you post the details how craftedge helped you? I don’t want to spend hours on the phone with them if I can avoid it.

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