since you asked…. (box design cutfiles)

Some readers of this blog asked for the cut files to some of my box designs.   Although I got the ideas for each box from photos I found, I designed each one from scratch and did not use or alter another designer’s file for my version.

Here (again) are two photos for reference:  Below are the links to three cut files (all done on Cricut Design Studio):

Annie’s cupcake candle box 3 (shown below):

Cartridges used: CC, PS

Cupcake Box 3A

I designed the cupcake box at the request of a woman who creates and sells adorable cupcake candles.

My Boxes 1

Tall box with oval ring handles (Back row, right):

Cartridges used: GBS, PS

Teardrop box with three-inch base: (Second row, left)

Cartridges used: PS, TBBM

Each of the boxes requires a Cricut Expression to produce because of the size of the design. Each of the boxes takes one sheet of 12″ x 12″ card stock.

I’ll post more soon, including some I designed in SCAL.

If you’d like to know the specific card stock I used for any of these, please leave me a comment, and I’ll be glad to tell you what it was and where I bought the supplies.  Please leave me your email address so I can send you a message.

NOTE: You can use these files to make boxes for personal use or gifts, and feel free to embellish them as you desire. I’d love to see what you do with them!  Please don’t sell my files.  If you’d like to use the files to make boxes you offer for sale, please let me know first.  If someone you know wants the files, please send them to this blog to get them.  That way, I can get more visitors!

Thanks for asking!  Enjoy!

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  1. So awesome of you to share your box files thank you so much!!

  2. Oh I hope you do them in SCAL too.
    I would love them!!!

  3. I love your box files! I can’t wait to see the ones you designed in SCAL.


  4. Thank you so much, friend ! ! !

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these files.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these! They are beautiful!

  7. Thanks for sharing your box designs….They are great! Now tell me….Do you SCAL or DS best?

  8. Actually, I like both. DS is easier to do visually if you need to line up pieces over each other. SCAL enables you to use any TrueType font and so many more images. For right now, I use the program that has the image or shape that gives me an idea for a design. When they get SCAL 2 up and running for Mac, I may just switch over, since apparently, that version has multiple pages – I love that feature of DS.

  9. Thanks for doing such a great job! Would you happen to have a template of the box in the front on the left? It looks like it was made with red paper? Thanks again for your hard work!

    • The file you are asking about is the Teardrop box with 3 inch base that I posted above. I made it with copper colored paper from the Best Occasions Mettallic Paper stack (purchased at Wallmart.)

      I also made a smaller version of that box (with a 2 1/2″ base, the one that is actually in the photo above) Let me know if you would like me to post that file, and I’ll be glad to do that.


  10. I love your cut files. Would you mind doing more treat boxes?


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