no time to dawdle

All things take time to do right, but often there is not enough time available.  In that case, we all go into hurry mode.  In the performing arts, lots of things are done in this manner.  Creativity is not on a clock, and the best ideas often come when there is little time to make dreams a reality.  Nevertheless, we try to make it happen.  In this case, the task involves a joint performance with students.  This is one of the things I love most about working in my chosen field: the opportunity to join with and mentor young performers.  The look on their faces when they realize the enormity of what they are doing, and the memories we can create together, are worth anything and everything it takes to get there.  Besides the obvious satisfaction of hearing the kids sing their best, there is the pride of nurturing tomorrow’s artists, and the possibility of discovering hidden talents in them as well as ourselves.  As we act as a model for others, we tend to get that much better at what we do.  The reason is obvious: no one wants to be embarrassed in front of our guests.  But the real prize in this is the chance to see the arts continue through the next generation of performers.  In this we leave our legacy.

So, here we are on the brink of starting a new partnership and the excitement is growing inside me by the minute.  Can I enable this to happen?  Can I convince others to take the chance and put themselves out there on an accelerated timetable?  Most of all, can I design a program of action that will produce the best results with the least financial commitment on both sides?

Real fun costs money.

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